New Missionaries

Mission Bicycles


All Elders and Sisters will need a bike. Missionaries should purchase a bike that will be comfortable to ride, and that can stand up to rough and uneven surfaces. Be sure your bike has a front headlight and a flashing red tail light.  In addition, all missionaries must have a properly fitted bike helmet.  All of these items are very important for the safety of our missionaries.

Please make arrangements for your bike to arrive in the mission at least 2 weeks before your arrival date.

We would highly recommend using as the shipper ( via FedEx ) to get your bike to Louisiana.  It is the cheapest!

If you do not know where to buy your bike you might use one of these companies:

Capitol Cyclery (a local company—bikes come fully assembled to the mission office)
5542 Jones Creek Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
225-756-3578 or 225-756-3568

Another reliable place to purchase a bike is:

Fezzari Performance Bicycles
888-833-9927 or


Parent Tips


Dear Parents and Family Members of Missionaries:

We feel it necessary to inform you of some of the policies in the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission.  This letter contains items of information relating to you and your missionary.  Much of this information is taken from the Missionary Handbook.

1. Each missionary is expected to write to his/her parents once a week.  This is to be done each preparation day.  Regular mail to your missionary is appreciated while they are here in the mission.  We hope you are able to write to them once a week.  A missionary who doesn’t receive a regular weekly letter often gets discouraged.  E-Mail has been approved to family members and friends outside of the mission boundaries.  Please keep all communication focused on encouraging your missionary in this spiritual adventure.  Due to postal regulations, we can no longer forward mail from the office to the Missionaries in the field.  Any mail sent to the office address will be delivered during Zone Conferences which means there will be delays in that mail reaching the missionary.

2. While here in the mission field, missionaries are expected to concentrate all their attention and energy on doing missionary work (D&C 4:2).  To assist them, we ask the following:

A. Please do not telephone your missionary.  If an emergency arises, please call the mission immediately.  The mission office number is (225) 664-1178. The office is open Monday through Friday from approximately 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Central Time.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND A  TELEPHONE CHARGE CARD TO OR WITH YOUR MISSIONARY.

B. Missionaries are expected to read only from the following approved library:

                     -Preach My Gospel

-Standard works

-Our Heritage

-Our Search for Happiness

-Jesus the Christ

-True to the Faith

-Please do not send any other materials. Each missionary regularly receives a copy of the Ensign.

C. Your missionary should listen only to music that is consistent with the sacred spirit of the missionary calling.  Refer to page 25 of the Missionary Handbook.

 3. If your missionary has special medical or physical disabilities, we encourage you to write and describe the situation, treatment, or care required. In the event your missionary is seriously injured in any way, we will notify you immediately. When medical care is required, the church authorizes payment through Missionary Medical.  Missionary Medical will settle with your insurance company.  If you have insurance, make sure your missionary has all necessary documentation with him/her.  Missionary Medical WILL NOT pay for any pre-existing conditions or prescriptions required there from.  If your missionary will need follow-up care/pre-existing prescriptions, please make arrangements for these to be paid for from home while they are serving. Your insurance information covering these pre-existing conditions needs to be provided to the mission office.

4. We suggest that you send a good supply of multiple vitamins with your missionary. We’ve found that they are healthier when they take them regularly.

5. Here are a few things that have recently been approved:

1. iPods (shuffle or old style Nano are OK) with appropriate music.
Note: No downloaded applications or Movies should be on the device.
Device should not have access to the internet.
Head phones are not used in this mission, with only a few exceptions.
Small external speakers are allowed or cable to hook to car speakers.


2. High top boots. (sisters)


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