Mission Vehicles FOR SALE


Why buy a retired missionary car?

(1) They are regularly inspected, maintained and cleaned. (minimum every 6 weeks)

(2) No one has ever smoked in them, so there’s no gross odor.

(3) No one has ever had pets in them, so there’s no dander which is great if you have allergies.

(4) They aren’t very old and are typically 3 years old and have around 50,000 miles or less on them.

(5) The Church doesn’t try to make a profit off of them — they’re priced to sell.

(6) They are driven carefully.  In the Baton Rouge LA Mission, the Church installs an electronic Driver Accountability Program (DAP) on the windshield of every new mission car. This is a GPS devise that tracks the car’s operator, location, operation, speed, seat belts usage, and driving performance. Each driver logs into and out of the TIWI system when the car is driven. It reports to the driver and the Mission Vehicle Coordinator  on any infractions, for example: No Seat Belt or Reckless Driving or Speeding (5 miles over the posted speed limit)…. and so forth. Each driver gets a scorecard that is reviewed periodically and may remove or limit them as a designated driver.

(7) Missionaries are required to have a guide when reversing their cars, to avoid hitting people or other obstacles. Missionaries are ingrained with the idea that it is the Lord’s car that they are driving, and that they should treat it as such.

What Mission Cars are available?

See what is available from the list below:

Year     Make        Model       VIN (last 8) Odo/miles  Price  Pictures

2014  FORD FUSION                E5371584   50592   $9,350    SOLD
2014  TOYOTA COROLLA LE   EP062107   45768   $10,250   SOLD
2014 TOYOTA COROLLA  LE  EP057140    50471   $10,000   SOLD

2014  TOYOTA COROLLA  LE   EC092278   50778   $9,525  Pictures
2014  TOYOTA COROLLA  LE   EP119187   43566   $9,900  Pictures
2014  TOYOTA COROLLA  LE   EP117385   46596   $9,650  SOLD
2014  TOYOTA COROLLA  LE   EP120108   45769   $9,650  SOLD

2015  FORD FUSION                  FR163137   46298   $9,600   Pictures
2015  TOYOTA COROLLA LE    FC241542   44274   $10,250 SOLD
2015  TOYOTA COROLLA LE    FC239588   46535   $10,250  Pictures


How to Purchase a Mission Vehicle?

10 Steps

  1. Fill out a survey form (click on this link) MISSION CARS FOR SALE
  2. Find a car you like
  3. Schedule a time to Inspect and Test Drive the car
    (Monday Afternoons or Friday Mornings based on availability)
  4. Make an offer
  5. Offer will be accepted or denied within 24 hours (1-business day) of offer
  6. Get an official BILL OF SALE from the Mission Vehicle Coordinator
  7. Provide a Cashier’s Check (Corporation of the Presiding Bishop) to the Mission Office so it can be over-nighted to Salt Lake, UT.
  8. Title will be FedEx from Salt Lake UT to buyers address on the Bill of Sale
  9. Keys will be provided to you once the check is cleared by Salt Lake
    (Process typically takes 3-4 days or less)
  10. Cars are currently located at Denham Springs Stake Center or
    25367 Riverton Drive Denham Springs, LA 70126.

Please contact the Mission Vehicle Coordinator at 225-664-1178 for additional details