Emergency Info


Hurricane Season Begins June 1st of each year.


This emergency action plan has been instituted to assure the safety of all of our missionaries in all locations in our mission. Please review the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission Emergency Action Plan in its entirety so you will be well informed before an emergency arises.

The following action items will require your immediate and continuing attention:

Keep your cellphone charged. Charge your phone at night and turn it on to receive calls between 10:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m.

Keep you mission car’s gas tank at least half full, as maintaining a half tank of gasoline will allow you to leave an area if necessary. Gasoline stations may be unable to provide Service during an emergency.

When you are transferred to a new area take your 72 hour kit and water with you, if feasible.

District Leaders

District Leaders, please review with the missionaries in your district the communication tree concept, making Sure everyone understands they are to report in by phone to the District Leaders in an emergency. District Leaders will call or text their report to their Zone Leaders, who will send the information to the Assistants who will forward it to the Mission President

Missionary —> District Leader —> Zone Leader → APs → Mission President
APs —> Zone Leader → District Leader → Missionary


Inform Zone Leaders of weather warning.  Zone Leaders will inform their zone and report back after voice verification’s that their zone knows about the weather warning and is taking correct emergency preparations.  Remain in contact with Mission President  and Zone Leaders. Prepare to meet evacuees at Baton Rouge Stake Center.  Have Directions to apartments ready.

Office Couples

Prepare van, trailer, and van for evacuation, if needed. Update evacuation plan, as needed.  Email parents of weather warning. Maintain contact with parents.

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