New Mission President Varner

July 2017- July 2020

Ross Varner

John Ross Varner, 60, and Ann Wagstaff Varner, five children, Holladay 10th Ward, Salt Lake Holladay Stake: Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission, succeeding President Reed H. Hansen and Sister Mary Anne Hansen. Brother Varner serves as a high councilor and is a former bishop, ward Young Men president, and elders quorum president. Real estate development director, O’Brien Kiernan Investment. Born in Salt Lake City to Everett Elsworth Varner Jr. and Joan Hunt Varner.

Sister Varner serves in a stake Relief Society presidency and is a former stake Young Women presidency counselor, ward Young Women and Primary president, and ward Relief Society presidency counselor. Born in Salt Lake City to Harold Ronald Wagstaff and Evelyn Fae Crowther Wagstaff.

Mission Vehicle Rules

#1 Text Mileage Odometer Readings in on the first day of the month
#2 Mail in gas receipts that same first day of the month
#3 No missionaries are to eat or drink in their mission car (exception is water)
#4 Only designated drivers may drive unless approved by Mission President
#5 Driver may not answer, text or use phone while car is in motion
#6 Companion is a co-driver and is as responsible as the driver for any damage
#7 Only the non-driving companion may use the GPS system or a Garmin
#8 Driver must log-in with their TIWI card to drive and log-out when finished
#9 Thou shall bike one-day per week (includes using a helmet)
#10 If you view someone not driving a mission car properly, you are required to
report them to the Vehicle Coordinator(s)

Louisiana Hansen!!!

For all of you parents and returned missionaries out there following the mission website. Why not go a step further and follow Sister Hansen as she blogs about the daily tasks and funny moments from the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission! Follow her on Instagram just search maryanhan on Instagram and follow her as she and her husband run the greatest mission in the world!!!

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