Mission Vehicle Rules

#1 Text Mileage Odometer Readings in on the first day of the month
#2 Mail in gas receipts that same first day of the month
#3 No missionaries are to eat or drink in their mission car (exception is water)
#4 Only designated drivers may drive unless approved by Mission President
#5 Driver may not answer, text or use phone while car is in motion
#6 Companion is a co-driver and is as responsible as the driver for any damage
#7 Only the non-driving companion may use the GPS system or a Garmin
#8 Driver must log-in with their TIWI card to drive and log-out when finished
#9 Thou shall bike one-day per week (includes using a helmet)
#10 If you view someone not driving a mission car properly, you are required to
report them to the Vehicle Coordinator(s)